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Friboss designs, produces and sells furniture and accessories to make your home even more comfortable. Everything we do is guided by principles of reliability and sustainability. It is this policy that has enabled us to gain the trust of national and international food retail chains, as well as
well-known furniture and DIY stores.

Our products are known for their high quality! They are made from quality materials to an excellent standard of workmanship and are easy to assemble. When it comes to your health and safety, we are not interested in compromise, so you can be sure that every product is certified in accordance with current standards.

You can rely on our shipping! Our internal and external processes are standardised and guarantee smooth production flows. Following production, our products are transferred to our logistics centre in Germany with sufficient lead time to allow all orders to be forwarded at exactly the right time.

Additional benefits included! We also supply attractive product photographs and detailed article descriptions for use in your advertising layouts, to allow you to concentrate fully on your core business. Our Support also lessens the load by handling spare parts deliveries directly with the customer.

Please do touch! Come to our showroom and see the current friboss product range displayed over a floor space of 1000m². Take the opportunity to get to know us and convince yourself of our product quality. We invite you to come and visit us at any time and enjoy a refreshing glass of osmosis water.

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For us, sustainable behaviour begins by purchasing the right raw materials. The responsible treatment of resources is a matter of great importance to us.



Costumer service

More service for happier customers. We supply spare parts, assembly instructions, and reliable product care tips, all free of charge.




Our product range covers virtually the entire spectrum of home and work furnishings. We also supply a wide range of accessories.




Do you have any questions or is there anything you would like to tell us? We are always listening! So just give us a call or write to us using the contact form.